The manufacturing of halva and tahini in Jordan is linked to Al-KASIH family name. in 1926, Hajj Raslan Al-KASIH had associated Rasaln Al-KASIH and Sons company in Amman, it was started as a modest family company produced halva and tahini products to Jordanian market

In 1996, Hajj Muhammad Adnan Al-KASIH has followed his father’s footsteps and established Al-KASIH factories group for foodstuff, that considered as the most advanced factory for halva and tahini in the world.

KASIH factories group for foodstuff has expanded its business development and developed its trade mark to be globally by introducing various high quality food products beside the manufacturing of tahini and halva. 

In record time, the group has recorded remarkable success and has exceeded all the expectations due to many important factors: customer network, loyal employees, manufacturing expertise and the close business relationship with international associations. Thus, it obtained the most important international quality assurance certificates in food industries ( ISO22000, HACCP, BRC ).

We are proud of our accomplishments, committed team, and partnerships that challenge boundaries, yet our journey continues. By expanding this core business, we not only maintained our customer base, but expanded it, and obtained great levels of satisfaction by continuing to provide unparalleled products to our distinguished global customers, as we export our products to more than forty countries around the world.