The manufacturing of Halawa & Tahini is strongly affiliated with Al-KASIH Family name for decades now. It was founded in 1926 by ( Haj Reslan Al-KASIH ) and was the first factory of Halawa & Tahini in Amman, in 1998 ( Haj Moh’d Adnan Al-KASIH ) continued in his father steps and established Al-KASIH Factories Group for Foodstuff which takes pride in being the most developed factory in manufacturing Tahini and Halawa in the region.

Established in 1926, the KASIH factories group for foodstuff has experienced steady growth. What began as a modest family business with the mission of providing tahini and halva products to the Jordanian market has evolved into a globally recognized brand offering a wide range of quality products, while continuing to excel in the tahini and halva industry.

In record time, the Company registered remarkable growth and surpassed all expectations because of a number of important and interwoven factors: our customers, our employees, our manufacturing expertise and international companies that corporate with them.

Central to our vision lie our esteemed customers and dedicated employees. We refuse to be complacent in our pursuit of excellence. By consistently considering our clients' feedback and showcasing our capabilities, we have not only sustained but expanded our customer base, garnering substantial levels of satisfaction along the way.

I take pride in our achievements and the committed team and partnerships that defy boundaries, yet our journey continues. Expanding upon this groundwork, we persistently aim to provide unmatched products to our esteemed global customers.

Today, I am pleased to say that the KASIH brand has become synonymous with healthy and great-tasting goods that are found in every household; a proud achievement that drives us to continue to supply the market with our top quality products.

This website was designed to help our customers and partners learn more about KASIH group.You will also find comprehensive information about our product specifications, along with the extensive health benefits offered by our beloved and diverse range of products.